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Doja Exclusive Bixcotti and Sicario are now available for delivery with Emberz! Hurry and get this fire before it's sold out!

  • Bixcotti is an Epic Cross of Gelato #41 and Motorbreath #15. Signature Bacio Gelato Hazelnut Terps with notes of Peach and Mint and a Sharp Gassy Finish. Testing at Nearly 28 percent THC this Batch has the Pressure and the Flavour.

  • Sicario is Gelato #41 crossed to the Original Cut of OG Kush and it’s the Perfect Blend of Flavour and Gas. Menthol Fuel Terps with a Super Clean finish of Sherby Tropical Gas. This Batch burns White Ash and is a Heavy Hitter Testing at over 30 Percent.

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